Todorov’s Narrative Theory

Todorov’s narrative theory basically states that most story’s or plot lines follow the same pattern. This theory is similar to Archie and I’s storyline to our Romantic Comedy. There are 5 steps in this pattern.

These are;

  1. The first part of the story will display a happy start, where the majority of characters are content and everything is as it should be. This ties into the first part where they are all in the group chat excited to go out.
  2. The second part of the story will feature a problem or some thing will disrupt the happiness. This will be the part where Simon tells Vicky that he likes Chloe.
  3. This part of the plot is when everyone realises the problem. This is the part where Chris gets swirled by Simon.
  4. This part of the plot is when the characters attempt to repair the damage and restore the problem.
  5. This is the final part of the plot where the problem is resolved and normality can resume again. This is where Chloe and Chris go home together.


I made this storyboard to show the cast we have as well as the setting, plus the main story of the first part of my Romantic comedy. We have decided to get them to go out to a club and Chris and Chloe have some chemistry between them but also when Chloe goes up to the bar Simon tries to flirt with Chloe and tells Monty that he wants something between them two but Monty knows that Chris and Chloe have a thing.

The comedy part we have decided to show in our movie is that when Chloe and Chris go into kiss, Chloe spews all over the place then goes to get cleaned up, but when she comes back for some “fun” Chris is collapsed across the bed conked out. This is a usual scene you would expect in a Romantic comedy.

Location list

In our group we have discussed and agreed on the following places to shoot our film opening, mostly set in my house Plewlands and for the party scene the sixth form centre. We also have put the time on how long we will be on the shot for which adds up to 1 minute 55 seconds.

Chloe’s bedroom – Kyla’s bedroom in Plewlands. (10 seconds)

Car outside – outside Plewlands in the car park. (10 seconds)

Bar – bar in sixth form centre. (25 seconds)

Table – in sixth form. (30 seconds)

Chris’ house – mixed com area. (20 seconds)

Breakfast – Plewlands tea room / social room. (20 seconds)

Here are the locations we are going to use for;

  • The club
  • The bar
  • Lunch date scene


This is my checklist for my Romantic Comedy film. I will follow this while making my

This will include:

  • tube lighting
  • tripod
  • costumes for actors
  • background music
  • props-drinks-cups/ fake alcohol

I will use my phone to film but I will have to ask Mrs Tatlow if i can borrow a tripod to stand my phone on to make the shots more stable.tripod


We will also have to borrow coloured tube lights to make it the sixth form centre more like a club. The tube lighting will help make the room light up different, bright colours that will make the centre look more vibrant. We will need maybe 3 or 4 tube lights.


Costumes will be nice dresses for the girls with heels, and for the boys the casual jeans and a top. When they go back to their house and bedroom, the next
morning they are all in joggers with their hair a mess and if they have a bad hangover.

KAB Ident

For my ident for KAB Production, I filmed a light up”K” in a dark room with a room in image with me moving out to show that its a K. I used iMovie to edit the ‘KAB Production” to come in and leave then have a white screen to end as i thought this was very nice.

I put it in black and white as I thought this looked more effective and Archie agreed, but then we thought it was effective to put a bit of colour shoot from the entry of “KAB Production” having a piece of red in it which is very sleek looking.

Ident’s for my chosen “real world production”

The “20th Century Fox” is one of the ident’s i have chosen to help publish my movie, I have chosen the 2016 ident as our movie is present and for teenagers and early 20s so its more up to date. 20th Century is also a very well known company and has produced a lot of popular Romantic comedies.

My other ident I am going to use is Universal Studios, as this is a very popular and well known ident. Also have produced a lot of well known Romantic comedies.

Researching institutions

This is my production, distribution and exhibition on which companies I would like to help produce and advertise my Rom-com movie.

Production :

The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is an American film studio , distributor and one of the six major American film company. Located in the Century City area of Los Angeles, just west of Beverly Hills, the studio is currently owned by 21st Century Fox and was formerly owned by News corporation. Its very well known and is used in the most well known films.


I have chosen this company as this company very well recognised and known for all film genres including Romantic Comedy. As this being such a big company it will appeal to more audience members as they have supported so many good movies that the audience of the age we are hoping to intrigue.

Distribution :

Universal Studios is an American film studio owned by Comcast through the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group division of its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal.  The company was founded in 1912.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 17.19.27.png

This is what I think is the best distribution company to pick because it deals with a lot of Romantic Comedies. For example it has produced films like “Love actually” and “Knocked up” and that is the sorts of films we are trying to make. They are linked to the same audience and age range that we are producing ours for so I think UNIVERSAL is the best for our film.

Exhibition :

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 17.29.43.png

I have picked the “Vue” exhibition company as its a well known company. There a lot of well known films realised in this exhibition company in ever genre. Another reason i have chosen this company as adding the the age range, there a lot of people the age we are focusing on goes to the “Vue”. Plus there are a lot of “Vue” cinemas around about so everyone can get to one to see the new realises.

This is all to help people come see our film, as cinemas are very popular with our age range being 16-25. But you can also buy it on DVD, blue ray which are cheaper to watch, or even download it, being easier to watch in the comfort of your own home.